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May 22rd


     Native plants play a vital role in maintaining and restoring ecosystems. Join The Herb Society of America’s NorthEast Seacoast Unit on May 22nd at 7:15pm in Strawbery Banke’s Tyco Center as Ayn Whytemare, owner of Found Well Farm in Pembroke NH, discusses how to establish the best possible setting for either adding more native plants or bringing out the best in the plants you have. Ideas on dealing with invasive plants, crowded landscapes, and design will be discussed. A selection of native plants will be offered for sale at the lecture.


     Ayn’s experiences working in the plant trades (florist, tree farm and garden centers) and as a consultant on forest ecology led to a desire to find more native plants for use in wild and home landscapes. She established Found Well Farm in 2007 to provide locally raised and region hardy native plants that will enhance our unique New Hampshire countryside. 


      Ayn received her B.A. from Barnard College of Columbia University in 1988 with a major in Environmental Science and an M.S. from University of Washington in Forest Ecology in 1994. She is currently an adjunct instructor of Plant Biology and Environmental Science at NHTI. She lives with her sons Duncan and Aaron and her husband, Ted Donovan, owner of Top Notch Painting. For more information, visit their website @


     The Herb Society of America NorthEast Seacoast Unit is hosting the event. Admission is $7.00 ($5.00 for Strawbery Banke Museum and non NESU affiliated Herb Society members).  Pre-registration is required.  

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